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A New Volume of Japanese Ghostly Tales

As the supervision of the Japanese translation of Ghostly Tales of Japan draws to a close, I can now turn my attention to trying to make sense of my notes for a new volume of ghostly tales set in Japan. In all, there are around forty stories in various stages of completion. I doubt that all of them will be included in the new volume. Some of the stories date from the latter part of my work on Ghostly Tales of Japan, but, despite almost being complete, they missed out on being included in the book because of my self-imposed cutoff date. After reading through my notes, I am feeling very excited about getting back into the stories and completing them. I think that the time away from them has given me a new insight into them and they will be all the better for the unintentionally prolonged break. I am not going to set myself a date for publication at this stage. Both the French and the Japanese translations of Ghostly Tales of Japan will be published this year, so I think the new book will probably come out in the new year. I will keep you updated.


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