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Mr. Bones

This week’s edition of Kaidankai: Ghost and Supernatural Stories features my reading of Mr. Bones by Phillip Frey. The story of a ghost whisperer who unwittingly gets himself involved in a deadly case of murder and revenge, Mr. Bones is the latest of Phillip Frey’s stories to feature on the Kaidankai: Ghost and Supernatural Stories podcast.

Making his debut as a child actor at The Cleveland Playhouse, Philip went on to perform with the New York Shakespeare Festival and The Repertory Theater of Lincoln Center. He has since written, directed and edited internationally-shown short films, and been a produced screenwriter. He now devotes his time to writing prose. In addition to having short stories published in various literary journals, his published books include Hym and Hur, a fantasy comedy, Dangerous Times,a multicultural crime thriller, and Slow the Pace, a short story anthology. All of Philip’s books are available on Amazon.

You can listen to my reading of Mr. Bones, and read the story itself here.

Kaidankai: Ghost and Supernatural Stories is a new iteration of Linda Gould’s Hyakumonogatari Kaidankai:100 days, 100 supernatural stories, which finished last Halloween. If you have a supernatural story, fictional or factual, to tell, Linda would love you to submit it for consideration for telling on the Kaidankai. All genres are considered and it doesn’t have to be set in Japan! You can contact Linda here.


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