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A Brief Encounter

A ghostly love story cascading down through the centuries.

You can listen to me reading one of my ghostly tales of Japan on the new episode of Lind Gould’s Kaidankai podcast. A Brief Encounter is a bitter sweet tale of a love that endures through time.

The story was inspired by the Japanese proverb, 袖擦り合うも多生の縁, which roughly translates as, “When the sleeves of two people brush against each other, it was fated to happen from a past life.” I am not a believer in reincarnation, but it is an enchanting idea.

The story was originally published in the White Enzo journal last December, and will be included in my next collection of ghostly tales of Japan.

You can listen to A Brief Encounter on the Kwaidankai

You read A Brief Encounter in White Enzo


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