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Ghost Stories For Christmas Volume One

For my latest project, I have combined my life-long love of Christmas and ghost stories by editing an anthology of classic ghost stories set at Christmas. Spanning the years 1820-1929, Ghost Stories For Christmas Volume One is a collection of thirty festive tales. Many of the stories first appeared in Christmas editions of newspapers and magazines. Although some were later reworked or retitled by their authors for publication in book form, for this anthology, I have scoured those newspapers and magazines to present the stories as they were originally read during those Christmases of long ago. In this first volume of an annual series, you will find stories which may amuse you and stories may move you, but mostly you will find stories which still retain the power to send a chill of festive fear coursing through your veins. So turn the lights down low and snuggle up in your favourite corner to read these ghostly stories of Christmas past, but don’t forget to keep one eye on the shadows closing in around you!

Ghost Stories For Christmas Volume One features stories by: Washington Irving, Charles Dickens,Elizabeth Gaskell,Fitz-James O’Brien, Sabine Baring-Gould, Mark Lemon, William Wilthew Fenn, William Kingston Sawyer, Charles Henry Ross, Mary Elizabeth Braddon, Charlotte Riddell, Theo Gift, Frances Collins, Augustus Cheltenham, Robert Louis Stevenson, Bob Givins, Frank Cowper, J. M. Barrie, Edith Stewart Drewry, Jonas Lie, Frederick Manley, John Kendrick Bangs, G. B. Burgin, Elia W. Peattie, Frank R. Stockton, W. W. Jacobs, E. Nesbit, E. F. Benson, Algernon Blackwood, and Hugh Walpole.

It is available as a paperback and Kindle from all Amazon marketplaces.


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