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Ghostly Tales of Japan

If you are looking for some Halloween reading, Ghostly Tales of Japan is available in paperback, hardback and Kindle from all Amazon marketplaces. It is a ghostly collection of stories which explore the mysterious side of a country where the supernatural is accepted as an everyday fact of life.
The book is divided into two sections – the first tells stories of ghosts and yokai in ancient Japan while the second contains stories from modern Japan. The book is the result of many years of studying ghost and yokai stories and is heavily infused with my experience of living in Japan for 18 years. Wherever I travel in the country, I always seek out local ghost stories and folktales. My latest trip to the castle town of Matsue, once home to lafcadio Hearn, and Sakaiminato, birthplace of the late manga artist Mizuki Shigeru, provided a treasuretrove of inspiration for my next collection of Japanese ghostly tales.
So, this Halloween, let me take you on a journey into a realm of shadows separated from our own world by a gossamer-thin veil in ghostly Japan. By turns horrific, whimsical, and moving, the thirty original stories will make you question the reality of the world around you and perhaps think twice before turning out the light.


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