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Looking Back and Looking Forward

A belated Happy New Year to you all. 2022 was a great year. It saw the publication of Histoires de Fantomes Japonais, Arnold Petit‘s French translation of Ghostly Tales of Japan, by OKNO Éditions in February, Kentaro Matsuo and Kyoko Brooks’ Japanese translation, 英国人が書いた日本の怪談 (Japanese Ghost Stories Written by an Englishman) was published by Kikui Press in June. Finally, Ghost Stories For Christmas, Volume One, a collection of thirty Victorian and Edwardian ghost stories which I edited was published by Kikui Press in October.

2023 looks to be an even busier year. A pocket book edition of Histories de Fantomes Japonais (cover above) will be published by OKNO Éditions in March/April. For Christmas, I am editing Ghost Stories For Christmas, Volume Two and A Christmas Treasury, a collection of vintage festive stories, verse and caols. I will also be attempting to finish Eerie Tales of Japan, the sequel to Ghostly Tales of Japan. Finally, there will be a very special collaboration with the French artist Aurélie Grasser Rifi Saidi. She is illustrating my collection of absud poetry, which will be released as Nursey Crimes.

So, lots to look forward too with still some room for a couple of surprises!


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