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As One Job Finishes, Another Begins

I have been busy over the first few months of 2023 researching and editing a new anthology of Christmas stories entitled A Christmas Treasury. As with my Ghost Stories For Christmas series, I wanted to included lesser known stories alongside more familiar classics. One difficulty that an editor faces with this kind of anthology is that there is an overwhelmingly large number of wonderful stories to choose from. Inevitably, I have had to leave out some stories which I would have liked to include because there simply isn’t enough room for all of them. Besides the stories, I have also included a selection of festive articles which appeared in Victorian and Edwardian newspapers and magazines.

I had originally intended to include a large selection of festive poetry in the anthology, but, again wrestling with the constraints of space, I eventually decided to include just a couple of examples. As I have already collected a large number of poems dating mostly from the Victorian and Edwardian periods, I have decided to compile an anthology of Christmas verse in 2024.

Like most people, I usually only read Christmas-themed stories over the Christmas period, but from editing this anthology, I have come to realize that they cannot only be read anytime, but they have the power to revive the spirit regardless of the season. The same can be said of Christmas music, which I listen to while working on the book.

As I put the finishing touches to this anthology, my thoughts are now turning to starting work on Ghost Stories For Christmas Volume Two, which will be published this year. I have already selected the stories, so it will just be a case of organizing and designing the book. When that task is completed, I can finally turn my attention to completing another collection of original Japanese ghost stories to compliment my Ghostly Tales of Japan. Tentatively, this second volume will be called Eerie Tales of Japan.


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